ROILGOLD - Made in Germany
About ROIL-Gold®

An additive produced in accordance with DIN/ISO Norm 9001 – Made in Germany – for all types of oil-lubricated components, such as engines and transmissions, which achieve, as a result of the sealing of the metal surface, better pressure resistance, decrease in friction and improved sliding ability, and thus protection against wear of the metal parts.

Why use an additive?

We depend on well-running and durable machines and engines. The inside housings of all machines are uneven and have small, microscopic tears which cause increased friction.

Where can the additive be used as a metal-surface finisher?

In all old and new machines and machine components such as agricultural machines, construction machines, assemblies, manual and automatic transmissions, differentials, all hydraulic fields, cars, lorries, motor boats, chainsaws etc.

Roil Gold Anwendung
Roil Gold


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December 2010

The company Girmann KG in Northeim/Germany do the production and bottling of Roil Gold ® in Germany .Since end of year 2010, we can deliver the improved and refined product.
With certified quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001