RoilGold - Made in Germany
  • Clearly reduces fuel and oil consumption
  • Noticeably increases performance
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduces friction and the generation of heat
  • Clearly reduces the generation of noise
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Immediately effective
  • Increases the service life of engine and transmission
    (also automatic)

    There is really no need to fear that this additive will harm your engine or assembly in any way.

    Try it out for yourself in an old machine.
    You will be convinced immediately.

All data is based on the experience of our experience since 2002

Roil Gold
Roil Gold
RoilGold with you not only reduce your fuel cost burden, but also our environment!

CO ² - saving per 10,000 km:
Gasoline engine: 335 kg CO ²
Diesel engine: 380 kg CO ²

12% fuel saving by RoilGold
Consumption: 12 l / 100km
Summary: direct CO ² emissions

Good for our environment -
reduced CO ² emissions

With certified quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001